How I Wrecked a Famous Comedian’s Car Part One I was the worst assistant in the history of Hollywood.  Others may think they can claim that title.  Others are wrong. My boss was the real deal in TV.  He was an Emmy winner, Directors Guild Award winner, Peabody winner–and forty years later, he still holds the record for the highest rated documentary ever broadcast on network television. My duties were simple:  answer the phone,...

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My First Post

Posted By on December 8, 2013

I’ve been writing and producing television since the Jurassic Period. That’s an exaggeration since they didn’t have television in the Jurassic Period. Just radio. Maybe I meant to say I’ve been writing since Fourth Period, but that wouldn’t be accurate, either, since “Fourth Period” was Algebra II, and I never wrote in Algebra II. I doodled. A lot. Which is why today I’m a first-rate doodler but can’t solve for x. If you Google me,...

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