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Paul Crehan almost got an Academy Award-winning director shot, ruined a famous comedian’s car, cost a well-known production company a fortune when he hired a schizophrenic alcoholic, and ruined another director’s chances for selling a movie by making the stupidest but most consequential clerical error in all of TV history.

On the other hand, he got a former SS officer to admit on national television that of course the Nazis killed millions of Jews; lured a fugitive out of hiding when the FBI couldn’t; and helped a gang member turn his life around.

Adored by his dog, unknown to millions, friend to President* and King** alike, Paul Crehan is a television writer and producer who loves writing novels.

His first, “The Secret of Alpine Valley,” is the result of a lot of research he conducted while working on TV’s “Unsolved Mysteries” and “Proof Positive”.

That’s pretty much it.  He hates zucchini.  That may be worth mentioning.

* Burt Baxter, President of the local Mountaintops Club in Keokuk, Iowa
** Joe King, Paul’s dry cleaner